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Welcome to Decatur Grays Sons of Confederate Veterams Camp 1689 web site!
Decatur Grays Camp 1689 is a Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp that is located in Southern Georgia in the Bainbridge area.

General Robert E. Lee
Soldier and Gentleman

Sons of Confederate Veterans are descendents either through kinship or direct bloodline of soldiers who faught for the cause of the South in the War Between the States.

To become a member, you must be a male descendent of a soldier who faught for the Confederacy in the War Between the States and you must be able to provide documentation that proves you are a descendent.
The documentation can be obtained through several sources. One is the state archives, another is public records, and another are indexes of civil war soldiers.
Much of the documentation can be obtained right over the computer.
I have provided some extensive links to help in your search.
If you are the descendent of a Confederate Soldier,
You have a Heritage of Honor!!!!

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Decatur Grays Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1689